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Site Map

If you can't find what you're looking for on our site, please email us, or pick up the phone and call us on (860) 659-1065 any time from late morning (east coast US time) until early evening.

Which editors can we send your press release to?

Computer Editors, including the editors of computer consumer magazines, computer trade publications, dealer and Value Added Reseller (VAR) magazines, editors who write computer columns for daily newspapers, and non-North-American computer editors.

Business Editors, including the huge business magazines such as Forbes and Fortune, the local and regional business publications such as Business Charlotte and Crain's Chicago Business, hundreds of publications that cover specific business topics, and editors who write business columns for daily newspapers.

Education Editors, including education magazines and editors who write education columns for daily newspapers.

General Interest Editors, including the huge magazines with broad editorial content, womens and mens magazines, publications targeted at children, teens, seniors, and ethnic groups, as well as editors at daily and weekly newspapers.

Radio and Television News Directors, a great list to use to attract people to your site - if you have the kind of URL that listeners and viewers can remember.

Other Editors, including all sorts of vertical markets from agriculture to sports to manufacturing. We have thousands of consumer and trade magazine editors that we can add to your emailing to the computer and business editors.

Looking for somebody to write your press release?

Sample Press Releases. If you'd like to write your own press release, we have hundreds of samples. These are all "real" press releases about Windows utilities, business software, home and entertainment programs, vertical applications, launching a web site, announcing a strategic partnership, and dozens of other topics.

We'll write your press release. The process takes about a week, and costs only $250(US). You'll find examples of our work, and information about how we can work together to create a dynamite press release for your software.

Would you like more information about marketing software?

Press Release FAQ. Here is an enormous list of frequently asked questions and answers about how to write your press release, how to get it into the editors hands, and how to enhance your chances of getting your press release published. Using our 17 years of full-time press release work with software developers, we've listed all of the tips and tricks you'll need to put your press release at the top of the editors' stacks.

Who Should Email Your Press Release to the Editors? Here are the top ten tips for choosing a firm to do your emailing to the editors. It includes insider tips on the "must have" features of a superb press release emailing service.

Software Marketing Articles. Here is a selection of three dozen articles that originally appeared in Software Business Magazine, Midnight Engineering Magazine, and ASPects, the monthly newsletter of the Association of Shareware Professionals. The articles cover all aspects of software sales and marketing.

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A secure Order Form for people who like to order press release writing and emailing services with a simple-to-use form.

An Email Address for people who don't like to fill in online forms.

Full Contact Information so you can reach us by phone, email, or postal mail.

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