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Talk more effectively to your customers.
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You know that you need to rewrite your website's sales presentation.


Get help. Now.

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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


How software vendors can add powerful marketing pages to their websites


add marketing pages and increase software sales Below you'll find 5 additional articles for software vendors from Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter. Learn how you can build your software business by adding new marketing-oriented web pages to your site.

Your site map should be a sales page

Your website's site map should be more than, uh, a site map. It should be a sales page. Learn how to turn your site map into a sales generator.

Your mysterious system requirements are denting your income

Tell prospects about your program's system requirements, and sell more software. Confused prospects won't buy your applications. Learn to describe your system requirements well.

Turn ordinary paper into money

You can sell more software if you create a one-page, printer-friendly installation instruction sheet. Make sure your prospects can install your app.

Selling software site licenses

Your software company should be offering multi-user and site licenses to corporations, government institutions, school districts, and other large enterprises. Learn to sell more large software licenses.

Encourage customers to tell their friends about your software

Call it word-of-mouth advertising. Call it buzz. Get friends to tell friends about your software.


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Press releases put you on the same level as the biggest software vendors.
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Your press release has to convince the editors that you have a unique application that can make their readers' lives better.

Your press release also has to sell your program's benefits to the publications' readers. And you have to do all of this without sounding like a sales pitch.

You need professional help. Contact Al Harberg now.

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Learn which sales and marketing books will increase your software sales.
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In Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter, you'll find tips about copywriting your website's sales message.

Subscribe now to Al's free newsletter.

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