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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


When should you submit your press releases to the editors?

from Al Harberg's library of software marketing articles, designed to increase your software sales

In software marketing, timing matters! Learn when to submit your New Product Announcements to the editors, software reviewers, and bloggers.

news release submission timing

What's the best day of the week to submit press releases to the editors?

Timing is crucial in software marketing. Most developers want the editors to receive their press releases during the Monday through Thursday timeframe. Their reasoning is that these are the days that the editors are "serious" about their work. I agree that Fridays during the summer months might not be the best time to send press releases. But I think it's okay to send press releases on any weekday, including Friday, except during the height of the vacation/holiday season.

news release timing for microISVs

What's the best time of day to submit press releases to the editors?

About 70% of my clients want me to email their press releases to the editors during the afternoon (my time - GMT-5 - east coast US time). Their reasoning is that the New York editors are still at work, and the Los Angeles editors have come to work, emptied their inboxes, and had a cup of caffeine.

About 30% of my clients want their press releases in the editors' inboxes when the editors come to work in the morning. Their reasoning is that most editors are "morning people", and that it's best to give them a great press release when they're ready to begin the work day. Often, I email quite a few press releases on weekends, so that the editors will get them early on Monday morning.

Sometimes, I think that we over-think the question. Since editors welcome press releases for new software releases, I think most any time is a good time.

What's the best time of year to submit my press release to the editors?

In software marketing, ooner is usually better than later. Some editors, including the editors who manage the magazines' and newspapers' online content, can use your press release immediately. The weekly trade magazines, and the editors who write computer columns for daily newspapers, can respond quickly to your press release. It takes three to four months to get into the monthly magazines. There's no reason to wait. Send your press releases as soon as you can, following the release of a new application, or a significant upgrade to an existing program.

Should I submit press releases during holiday seasons?

During the holidays, editors spend some time out of the office. Here in the US, almost all offices are closed for the four-day Thanksgiving holiday. And many offices are closed between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day (December 24 through January 1). Timing your press releases to arrive during this time period may not be the best software marketing strategy.

However, sending press releases a few days before the holidays can be a very good strategy. Fewer software developers send press releases close to the holidays. And the editors have to wrap up their magazines before they leave the office for the holidays. They're looking for well-written press releases to include in their magazines. It's actually an excellent time to send press releases.

How long after I've released my new software should I send my news release to the editors?

press release timing for mISVs As a general rule, don't send your press releases before you've completed your beta testing. There are many exceptions to this software marketing rule. Editors who cover computer game playing often like to review beta releases of new games. If you have an unusual application, you might want to get the editors interested in your application, before it's ready to be released. The upside of this approach is that the editors can jump-start your publicity. The bad news is that your competitors get a heads-up, too, and can start writing their me-too software.

Many software developers like to release a new application, and then wait a few days before sending their press releases. They reason that listing their programs on the download sites will generate a lot of excitement. And if there are any bugs in the software, it would be nice to discover and fix them before the editors get a chance to find them. Unless you're a huge company with significant name recognition, the editors won't give your software a bad review. Their goal is to tell their readers about neat new software. If they don't like your app, they won't pan it. They'll ignore it.


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