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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Software Marketing - Start with your best sales message

from Al Harberg's cache of software marketing articles, designed to increase your software sales

Basic softwawre marketing tells us that a software developer's sales message will be more effective if it's the most prominent information at the top of the sales pitch.

say the important things first

Press release and website descriptions

Whether you're writing a product description for your website or a press release about the latest version of your software, your sales message will be more effective if you put the most important information at the top of your sales pitch.

Powerful website descriptions for software developers

When people visit your website, the first thing that they should read is a clear description of the major benefit of your best-selling application. The second thing that they should read is why - in concrete, understandable terms - your software is different from and better than your competitors' programs.

The words on your web site build the structure that readers need. It's their knowledge of the uniqueness of your application that will keep them interested enough to continue reading.

  • Don't present website visitors with some fuzzy information about how your company is dedicated to providing business and home users with friendly software applications.
  • Don't welcome them to your website, or tell them about your mission statement. Instead, tell them immediately how your software can help them save time, save money, or make their lives better.
  • Don't make people search for price and platform information. While they're skimming the page to answer the questions "How much does this cost?" and "Will it run on my computer?", they're not reading your sales presentation. By giving them price and platform information immediately, you'll have a much easier time keeping their attention on how your application will benefit them.
  • Write in English. Unless you're offering programmers' tools, don't talk about targets, grids, radio dials, or other geeky things.

Software marketing and powerful press releases

say important things first in a software press release Good software marketing requires that your press release be structured even more carefully. The editors aren't surfing the web or goofing off on their hobbies. Reading your press release is part of their job. If you respect their time, they'll respect your press release.

When an editor reads your press release, the first sentence should tell them the name of your product, the name of your company, the platform that your application requires, and a brief description of the major features and benefits. The second sentence should tell them why the editors' readers need to know about your program. Your program is different from the other applications out there, and this is where you tell the editors that yours is more powerful, less expensive, easier to use, or whatever it is that makes your app more attractive.

  • Don't tell editors that you've released a new application, that you're excited about it, and that you believe that their readers will be excited, too. That's just bad software marketing. Instead, get immediately to the point.
  • Include a one-word platform description in the first sentence (for example, Windows). Give them the details at the end of the press release (for example, 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003).
  • Write in English. The editors don't have time to rewrite your press release. Use common words to form simple, declarative sentences. If English isn't your first language, find a native English-speaking person, and ask them to ensure that your writing rolls off the American tongue. Make it easy for editors to cut and paste your information into their New Product Announcement columns.

Press release and website descriptions -
It's all about software marketing

say the important things first It's possible to write a truly awful description of your software that would earn you an "A" from your high school English teacher. While these descriptions of your software may get you good grades in academia, they might be totally ineffective as website sales copy, or as press release text. By following the basic rules, you can sell more software.

It's not about creating software marketing hype that tricks prospects and editors into caring about your application. It's about understanding your target audience, and presenting your software in the most appealing way possible. It's all about software marketing.


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