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You're too close to your website.

You need somebody who can look at it for the first time, and give you in-depth, objective, professional advice about making your sales message more powerful.

You need somebody who can look at it for the first time, and give you in-depth, objective, professional advice about making your sales message more powerful.

I would enjoy working with you to turn your website into a sales machine!

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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Software Marketing - Structuring your press release

from Al Harberg's library of software marketing articles, designed to help software developers sell more software

The easier microISVs make it for the editors and bloggers to use their software press release, the more likely they'll get media coverage.

press release formats

What editors look for in a software news release

After more than 25 years of software marketing and working with tech editors and veritcal-market writers, I can tell you what goes through the editors' minds when programmers send them a press release about their software -

Are the editors' readers interested in this software?

Will the editors think that their readers will be interested in your software? Good software marketing requires that you write a clear, concise, easy-to-understand press release that is appealing, but without any sales hype. And you have to target the right editors. It makes no sense to send a press release about a programmers tool to the game-playing editors.

Will the editors have to correct grammar and usage?

The editors don't want to rewrite a lot of your text because you haven't mastered grammar, syntax, and usage. Be sure that your English-language press release has been written (or at least proofread and copyedited) by a native, English-speaking professional. I always give my clients' press releases a careful reading, and provide my clients with free feedback, before sending their software press releases to the editors.

Can the editors easily use your software press release?

Editors need to easily grab your press release and use it in their publications. The easier you make it for them to use your press release, the more likely you'll get good press coverage from your New Product Announcement. It's common sense, and good software marketing.

Send text, not attachments, to the editors

news release in text not PDF format Don't email attachments to the editors. In today's environment of virus, trojan, and other malware attacks, editors simply won't open attachments. The editors will be annoyed that you've sent them a 60k Word attachment instead of 2k of inline text.

Send plain text. The editors are more likely to use your press release if they can cut and paste your words. If they have to spend time sorting out formatting control characters, they're going to select your competitor's press release instead. Editors don't want to wrestle with HTML or RTF. Besides, the editors are likely to delete these colorful, formatted emails before reading a single line. Formatted text brings up images of spam, while plain text sings "business correspondence".

Keep your software press release simple

Don't include typographical characters. Some of the editors are using antique email readers, and some of the extended/international characters get translated into scrambled eggs. The superscripted "TM" character is one of the biggest troublemakers, and there are others that cause problems.

A good news release doesn't need fancy formatting

Multiple columns don't work in email. Some editors' email clients use fixed-width fonts, while others use variable-width fonts. Some email programs handle tabs gracefully, and some don't. Some email readers can handle multiple spaces properly, while others treat multiple spaces the way web browsers treat them. There's no way to create columnar information in emails that will look good on all of the editors' screens.

If you're submitting a press release about a programmers tool, follow the publication's editorial guidelines for code snippets.

The easier you make it for the editors to use your press release, the more likely you'll get ink.


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Use press releases to sell your software in the lucrative US market.
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Even if you write your press release yourself, find an expert who will give your press release a careful reading, and who will give you thoughtful feedback.

Hire somebody who has been in the business for more than two decades.

Hire Al Harberg of DP Directory.

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