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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Software marketing book review - CRM at the Speed of Light

from Al Harberg's library of software marketing book reviews, designed to strengthen your software marketing

Book review of CRM at the Speed of Light - Essential Customer Strategies for the 21st Century by Paul Greenberg (published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne). CRM has moved from fad to mainstream technology. This book explains why every company needs to understand CRM, and why software developers need to include CRM in their software marketing work.

CRM At The Speed of Light

Overview of CRM At the Speed of Light by Paul Greenberg

CRM at the Speed of Light by Paul Greenberg Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was one of the hottest technology fads around the turn of the century. A lot of CRM projects failed because of burdensome systems and lack of management commitment.

CRM has emerged as the centerpiece strategy of many successful companies, large and small. CRM is a mindset in which every function of a company is focused on building, maintaining, and improving the relationship with the company's customers and other stakeholders. Well-implemented CRM strategies result in customer retention, repeat business, and referrals. CRM should be part of the software marketing strategy of most microISVs.

CRM at the Speed of Light defines CRM, traces its history and failures, and takes you through the process. It discusses sales force automation, enterprise marketing management, and customer support. While the book is targeted at medium to large enterprises, the same business functions are performed by mom-and-pop companies, too. All companies - including small software development firms - can benefit by adapting CRM.

Software developers and CRM At the Speed of Light by Paul Greenberg

Unlike the vast majority of small businesses, independent software developers are in an ideal position to implement a CRM system and reap the rewards. Developers have detailed customer information, and can easily assemble it into a useful database of sales opportunities.

You know who has purchased your standard version of your software application, and you can ask them to upgrade to the pro edition.

You know who is using one or two of your applications, and you can offer them discounts on your other programs.

When you email them your newsletter, you can structure the content based upon which of your programs they already own, and which software you want to encourage them to buy.

You can survey your software customers, and find out why they bought your app, and how they're using it. This information will help you select partners so you can cross-sell each other's software.

Put your customer at the center of your thinking, and you'll sell a lot more software. It's good software marketing.

Should software authors read CRM At the Speed of Light?

Whether it's your "day job" or your software development business - if a significant portion of your income depends upon the success of a formal CRM project, then you need to study this book. If you're a one-person company, this book's 650+ pages have a lot more information than you need to develop, implement, and manage your CRM policy. This book is not an easy read, or a list of simple bullet points for improving sales. The book is designed for people who are serious about CRM, and who are willing to work to master it.

For me, the book provided the structure and the motivation for thinking much more seriously about how to add value to all of the interactions that I have with my customers, prospects, and suppliers. I have already used its principles to launch a successful marketing campaign, and you can do the same. It will help you with your software marketing.


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