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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Software marketing - Creating a press resources web page

from Al Harberg's library of software marketing articles, created to increase your application sales

Creating a press resources page on your website is good software marketing. You can increase your credibility with bloggers, editors, software reviewers, and columnists. A press release page gives your business extra "punch" for your press release campaigns.

web resources page

What editors think about your business and press release

When you send a press release about your software to the magazine editors, there are three key questions that the editors ask themselves:

(1) Will my readers be interested in this software?
(2) Will I have to spend time rewriting this press release to get it into shape?
(3) Is this a top-shelf company and product that I should feel comfortable telling my readers about?

By creating a Press Resources page on your web site, you can increase the credibility of your business, and help the editors answer question #3 in a positive, enthusiastic way.

press resources page for micro independent software vendors (microISVs)

Building credibility for your microISV software business

If I may digress for just a moment: There are many ways that you can use your web site to build your credibility:

Some of them are obvious:

The editors aren't going to tell their readers about a business if they don't know what planet the company is located on. So you need to include full contact information on your web site, including postal information, phone, and fax numbers.

Some of them are subtle:

The editors will notice if your business is incorporated, or if your site has banner swaps prominently displayed. They're more likely to take your business seriously if you show signs of taking yourself seriously.

Some of them are particularly powerful:

It adds credibility if you can list the addresses (and show maps) of your business offices throughout the world. Or if you have an "investor relations" page and an "business employment opportunities" page.

Your software business' press resources page

Getting back to having a Press Resources page on your web site: Magazine editors and bloggers will feel welcome. Reviewers from the Internet software sites will think that you take them and their colleagues seriously. And prospects will see that you expect the press to take notice of your site.

There are no rules or standards for Press Resources pages. Just goals. Your objective is to impress the editors and reviewers with the professionalism of your business, to present your software in an attractive way, and to make it easy for them to give you a good software review.

Your Press Resources page should contain links to your press releases, both in HTML format and in text format. The HTML version should be structured the same way as a paper press release.

On a separate web page, include text-only versions of your press releases. If the editors like your program, they'll be able to copy and paste your text version, without worrying about having to remove the formatting commands.

Software screenshots and downloads

bloggers and press resources page for software developers Many editors and reviewers use screen shots in their write-ups. You'll want to provide them with low-quality .jpg screen shots that load quickly and let the editors evaluate the images. You'll also want to include a high-quality .gif or .tif image that they can use in the print version of their review.

Be sure to have a download link on your Press Resources page. Don't make the editors hunt for a way to try your software. And include an offer for a registration key, or for a copy of the full version of your program. When your program is in the editors' hands, they can tell tens of thousands of readers about your software. If the editors prefer having a CD sent to them by postal mail, send it!

Satisfying the needs of tech bloggers, app reviewers, and editors

If the editors are looking for material for a news item, they'll use low-key, descriptive material from your press release. But if the editors are looking for material for a feature story, they're going to want to download your program, try it, and write about what they've found. To help them tell their readers how excited they are about your software, you should have a link to your product page, as well as a link to your reviews page. Let them see the great reviews you've already gotten from other print journalists, as well as bloggers and online reviewers.

In addition to news items and feature articles, there's a third way that the editors can help you: They can use your press release in roundup articles, where they write about the five best small business software products, or the top ten word processor add-in's. To make it easy for them to include your business and your software in roundup articles, create a link from your Press Resources page to a feature summary page. There, in easy-to-read bullet points, talk about your program's strong points. You might even want to include a separate table of the features that are found in the latest version.

Create a press resources webpage. Now.

A Press Resources page adds credibility, and makes it easier for editors to tell their readers about your business and your software. Add one to your web site today. It's good software marketing.


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