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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


How press releases can sell more of your software

from Al Harberg's collection of software marketing articles, designed to increase your software sales

Millions of people make software buying decisions based upon what they read in magazines and newspapers. Whether you're selling business, home, or multi-media software, press releases are still the most cost-effective way to get more software sales. Press releases are good software marketing.

press releases sell more software

Here's how developers buy programs:

Software developers determine that they need, say, a Windows video application. Some of them visit their favorite download site, select the proper category, read the descriptions, download five or six applications that sound promising, install them, and buy the one that they like best. Most developers, of course, would visit their favorite search engine to look for a video application.

More and more, developers are abandoning the download sites, and finding software in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

But the principle is the same - microISVs identify a bunch of candidates, try them out, and buy the one that they like best.

Here's how end-users buy software:

First, most end-users have no idea that they need video software until somebody tells them that such things exist. They find out about hot new software when they read articles in computer magazines, multi-media blogs, business or other "vertical" magazines, or in their daily newspapers.

buyers rely on recommendations from bloggers and columnists Second, they would never dream of using a search engine to look for software. Some weeks back, they used a search engine to look for information about cars. But when they typed the phrase "red Corvette" (without the quotes) and found hundreds of thousands of hits, they gave up. They certainly don't have time to visit dozens or hundreds of software sites to find a multi-media application or business utility.

Third, a lot of them aren't comfortable visiting the download sites to find software that they need. They have no way of knowing which categories to search, or how to sift through the sales hype. And they've all heard horror stories about what happens when somebody loads the wrong software on their computer.

Fourth, the vast majority of users would never, in a million years, install and play with five or six programs in a given category, before choosing the one that they want to buy. They've heard too many tales about having to reinstall their operating systems, or having to pay somebody to rebuild their Windows Registry.

Most end-users listen to experts

They'll wait for a respected editor in an established magazine or newspaper to recommend the right software. That's what they'll buy.

With search engines and download sites, users see your software along with all of your competitors' offerings. With a magazine write-up, the editor tells your prospects about your application, and yours alone. There's little danger that end-users will be distracted by your competitors' claims.

While "try before you buy" is the creed of many independent software developers, many users want to skip the "try" step, and simply buy software that has been recommended to them. This is very natural for most end-users. That's how the process works when they buy things in the computer superstores and office supply showrooms. And that's how they buy 99 percent of the other things in their lives. The software developers who are making serious income are the ones who make it easy for people to buy software without trying it first.

end users listen to expert advice from editors

Use press releases to
generate software sales

Press releases are the tool for getting your message into the magazines, newspapers, and blogs. The 200-word write-ups that you read in the computer magazines - they're your competitors' press releases.

I've been writing press releases exclusively for software developers since 1984, full-time. Sending the editors your carefully crafted press release will result in more software sales.

Please look at the many articles and ideas on this site, to learn how you can get the editors to tell their readers about your software.

It's good software marketing.


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Millions of software buyers make their software-buying decisions based upon what they read in the consumer and trade media.

Editors are eager to tell their readers about the newest software.

Like yours!

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