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$299(US) for a website sales makeover.
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I'll tap the dozens of sales and marketing books that I've read, and the countless conversations that I've had with software experts, and apply this knowledge to your website's sales presentation.

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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Index of Al Harberg's software marketing articles
The 100+ articles are divided into 11 groups
This is Group 4 - Using Newsletters to Sell Your Software


newsletters result in software sales Group  1. Using Press Releases to Sell More Software
Group  2. Website Design and Sales
Group  3. Write Better, and Sell More Software
Group  4. Using Newsletters to Sell Your Software
Group  5. Software Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales
Group  6. Interviews with Software Industry Leaders
Group  7. Sales Book Reviews
Group  8. Marketing Book Reviews
Group  9. Website Design Book Reviews
Group 10. Business Book Reviews
Group 11. Motivational Book Reviews

Group 4 -

Software marketing -
Using newsletters to sell your software

Start Sending Newsletters to Your Customers and Prospects

Sending newsletters can increase your software sales. Lots! Newsletters should be at the core of your software marketing efforts.

Top Five Tips to Get Your Customers to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

Here are tips to increase your newsletter's subscriber base. Lots! Boost your software marketing by getting more newsletter readers.

A Fanciful History of Newsletters

A whimsical look at newsletters, with a serious message about writing and emailing newsletters as a way to boost your software marketing, and generate more software sales.


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Your press release can elevate your software's image.
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Don't personalize the press releases that you send to the magazines and newspapers.

It's unprofessional.

The editors know that even the simplest email client supports email-merges, and they're really not impressed by a "Dear Sally:" salutation.

Talk to a pro, and send your press release in the format that editors will respect.

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Spike your software sales with Al's newsletter.
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Learn about software marketing techniques, tips, and tricks.

Start on the road to increasing your software sales.

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