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Press Releases for Software Developers
from Al Harberg of DP Directory


Index of Al Harberg's software marketing articles
The 100+ articles are divided into 11 groups
This is Group 7 - Sales Book Reviews


reviews of sales books for software authors Group  1. Using Press Releases to Sell More Software
Group  2. Website Design and Sales
Group  3. Write Better, and Sell More Software
Group  4. Using Newsletters to Sell Your Software
Group  5. Software Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales
Group  6. Interviews with Software Industry Leaders
Group  7. Sales Book Reviews
Group  8. Marketing Book Reviews
Group  9. Website Design Book Reviews
Group 10. Business Book Reviews
Group 11. Motivational Book Reviews

Group 7 -

Software Marketing - Sales book reviews

How to Sell Yourself

Book review of How to Sell Yourself by Joe Girard (published by Warner Books). You can sell more software if you learn how the world's greatest car salesperson crafted his career. Girard's ideas translate easily into the world of software marketing.

EVEolution - Understanding Women

Book review of EVEolution - Understanding Women - Eight Essential Truths that Work in Your Business and Your Life by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold (published by Hyperion). EVEolution is a new marketing theory that translates well into the realm of software Marketing. EVEolution is based on the notions that men and women are different with respect to how they buy things, and that it makes no sense to market to them in the same way. Learn how to sell more software to women.

Unleashing the Ideavirus

Book review of Unleashing the Ideavirus - Stop marketing at people! Turn your ideas into epidemics by helping your customers do the marketing for you by Seth Godin (published by Hyperion). It's true in general marketing and in software marketing - traditional ads are out. Buzz is in. Buzz helps independent software vendors (ISVs) sell more software.

The Customer-Driven Company

Book review of The Customer-Driven Company - Moving from Talk to Action by Richard C. Whiteley (published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company). To succeed, you have to treat every customer right. Here are some good insights into working with your customers. This book can help your software marketing, and increase your software sales.

How to Close Every Sale

Book review of How to Close Every Sale - Field-tested, can't-lose techniques to win lifetime customers - and make every sale stick! by Joe Girard (published by Warner Books). This book about face-to-face selling can help software developers sell on the Internet.

Direct Mail Copy That Sells!

Book review of Direct Mail Copy That Sells! by Herschell Gordon Lewis (published by Prentice-Hall, Inc.). Learn to write sales copy from a Hall of Fame copywriter, and sell more software. This book translates easily into software marketing.


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