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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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category killer, channel, Christmas gift-giving guide, choices


category killer

category killer - A product or service that has such a competitive advantage that makes it nearly impossible to compete with them.

category killer software powerhouse An example might be a retail outlet that offers a huge range of products, all at the lowest prices. In the software industry, a category killer might be a full-featured, low-price application in a mature niche.



channel - The traditional software sales distribution network.

Selling through the channel is the system whereby software developers box their software, contract with a distributor, and sell their software through brick and mortar software, office supply, and computer stores.

The channel also describes the process by which software microISVs use dealers and value-added resellers (VARs) to sell their software to end-users.


Children's Writer's Word Book

"Children's Writer's Word Book - Everything You Need to Ensure Your Writing Speaks to Your Young Audience" - a book by Alijandra Mogilner.

You need this book if you're writing desktop/laptop software, smartphone apps, books, or stories for children aged 5 through 12 (or as we say here in the US, kids in kindergarten through the sixth grade).

A lot of microISVs create spelling software, vocabulary drill programs, and vocabulary building applications for younger kids, and think that they can populate the quizzes and exercises with words that seem to be on-target for these children. But they struggle to do it properly.

chose words for educational software In the education profession, there are people who spend their entire careers determining which words children should learn in each school grade, and how best to introduce words into childhood education.

If you're selling educational software to parents, then you might get away with using your personal experience and imagination to build your vocabulary list. But if you expect to sell your programs to teachers, then you need to learn what they know about appropriate vocabulary lists for school children.

"Children's Writer's Word Book" is a reference book with three main sections:

  • An alphabetical list of words for children in grades K-6, with grade levels specified for each word
  • Seven graded word-lists for K-6 kids
  • A thesaurus that helps you find words with the same meaning that are appropriate for each school grade level.

It's fun to browse through the book. For example, with a common word like "case," kindergarten kids learn that it means "box" and first-graders learn that it also means "statement" or "cover." By the second grade, children are exposed to case meaning "example" and "carrier." Fourth graders understand case to mean "carton" and "illustration." And by the fifth grade, children will understand case to mean "lawsuit."

The seven Graded Word List chapters contain much more than vocabulary lists. The author discusses the social changes, classroom issues, specific vocabulary development concerns, and topics of interest to book publishers for manuscripts that target that particular age group. In addition, these chapters include writing samples.

If you're hoping to sell classroom-, school-, and district-licenses for your educational applications, then your programs need to conform to education profession norms. And a book like "Children's Writer's Word Book" can keep you on track. Read more about "Children's Writer's Word Book".


Christmas gift-giving guide

Christmas gift-giving guide - A feature article that publications print around the year-end holidays.

Christmas holiday gift giving guide for software Many blogs, newspapers, and consumer magazines publish these guides in their November and December issues. These articles provide readers with information about the latest software and tech gadgets that might make exciting gifts for the holidays.

If you're marketing a consumer or home entertainment program, you should be thinking about your year-end press release. While it takes three to four months to get a press release published in the monthly computer consumer and trade magazines, these publications usually need a little more time for their "Hot Software for the Holidays" write-ups.

Be sure to send your news releases to the computer consumer magazines, the computer trade journals, the editors who write computer columns for daily newspapers, and the dealer/VAR publications. Include the vertical markets that are on-target for your software. These holiday gift-giving articles pop up in many publications that don't normally cover affordable software for home users.



choices - Alternative software products that you offer your prospects and customers.

Software developers can sell a lot more software if they give people a choice between something and something, than if they give people a choice between something and nothing.

Leboeuf quotation on choices for software microISVs Hundreds of studies have examined how choice affects people's buying habits. At fast food restaurants, two window clerks are given different instructions. One clerk asks each customer, "Would you like to try our apple pie, or don't you like apple pie?" The other clerk asks, "Would you like to try our apple pie, or would you prefer blueberry pie?" The second clerk consistently sells more pie than the first clerk. Something vs. something beats something vs. nothing.

Often, companies develop and market a basic program. When they're adding enhancements for their next release, they realize that they're now offering a lot of functionality for a really low price. Maybe that's the time to split the program into two products: Standard and Professional.

Offering people choices can increase your sales. But be sure people understand your choices. When you ask people to choose between things that they don't understand, they'll usually choose neither.

For many consumers and businesses, choosing to buy none of your products is a very safe choice; it's much safer than buying the wrong product.

You work hard to entice people to visit your website. Make it easy for them to choose to buy one of your applications while they're there.

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