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You'd sell more software if your website were more inviting.
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Does your web site impress your customers enough to buy your software?

A well-crafted sales message can increase your program sales.

For $299(US), I'll spend four hours on your website, and help you make it a more effective sales machine.

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Insights on selling more computer and iPhone software, free of charge, free of hype, free of spam.
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For more than 26 years, I've been working full-time with software vendors.

Each month, I provide free, practical advice about how to increase your software sales.

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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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customer's perspective


customer's perspective

customer's perspective - The point of view from which you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your website's sales message.

Philip Kotler's quotation on customers You can sell more of your software if you think about what's going on in your customers' minds. Here are some tips -

Tell software prospects that they're on the right web page.

A small number of people search the Internet for fun. Most spend time on the web to solve a problem. They don't surf. When they click links, they're hoping that the web site won't install spyware or malware on their computer.

Make your website visitors know immediately that they've reached a website that has been carefully designed to help them solve their problem. Be sure that your site loads quickly on all major browsers, including iPhone and the other handheld devices.

Present your best sales message immediately.

Put your software in context.

Your web site visitors have no idea if you're selling desktop software, laptop programs, or an iPhone app. They don't know if it's an online software as a service (SaaS) solution, a book, a training seminar, or something that isn't going to solve their problem.

Patricia O'Conner's quotation on customer perspective Every day, millions of users bounce away from web sites. They look at a landing page for a few seconds, and hit their browser's "back" button, to return to the search engine. They go back to looking for a site that might solve their problem. Tell visitors immediately what you're offering.

Don't say "Welcome to the Widget, Inc. website". Don't bore them with generalities. They don't want to read your mission statement.

They only care about finding a solution to their problem. Now. Tell them in one simple sentence how your software application can help them.

Answer your software's big questions immediately.

customers money Before users begin reading your sales message, they need to know that you understand and can address their problem. When people look for software to buy, they don't care initially about the features or benefits that you offer. They have two questions: "Will this software run on my computer?", and "How much will I have to pay for your program?"

Put your software's platform and pricing information all over your home page and your product pages.

Tell visitors in terms that they will understand. Don't expect your prospects to know about 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating systems. Don't think that they know what "Runs on XP and newer" means. You know that Vista is newer than XP. Many of your prospects have no idea.

Build your software sales presentation.

After you've written a paragraph, read each sentence aloud, and ask yourself, "Does this help me sell my software?". If your prospects can read a sentence and say "Who cares?", then rewrite it. Or delete it. Every word of every sentence has to help close the sale. You need to edit your sales message mercilessly. Eliminate the noise so your prospects can hear the important message.

Write like your software customers talk.

two software customers If you're selling programmers' tools, then you can use techie talk. If you're selling to consumers, business people, educators, parents, or other non-programmers, then talk to them in plain English. Otherwise, they'll buy software from your competitor - the guy who doesn't scare them with words like "extensible" and "scalable".

Learn the technical jargon of your target audience. Use the terms that they're used to hearing in their day-to-day jobs. Be certain that you're using these terms correctly.

Talk about the customers' benefits of using your software.

Don't ignore features. But stress benefits. Customers want to hear about benefits.

Write your sales message simply.

Fox quotation about customers If a customer reads your home page and says, "This is really nicely written!", then you've blown an opportunity to sell your software.

Your mission is to get your website visitors thinking about how their lives would be improved if they had your application installed on their computers. Don't get them thinking about your writing style, or how smart you must be. Use common words in short, simple sentences to describe how they'll benefit from using your app.

Simple writing doesn't have to be boring. Vary your sentence structure. Make sure your website will be understood by people who read English as a second language.

Appeal to your customers' emotions.

It's not enough to appeal to a website visitor's logical left brain. Make a strong impression on that person's right brain, too.

Tell them that they deserve to own your program. Ask them if they worry that their competitors are gaining on them. Show them that buying your software will keep them from falling behind.

Don't be afraid to talk to customers about the cost of your software.

software customers with perspective Explain how your prospects will recover the price of your software in just a few months. They'll increase their accuracy and productivity. They'll save time, and look more professional with your application on their computer.

Don't let price be the "tie breaker" between your application and your competitors'. Introduce your price early, and talk about value. Lots.

Talk to customers about your strengths.

Tell prospects immediately why they would benefit by using your application. Point out that your software has features - and benefits - that they can't find in other applications.

It's simple - Fine-tune the wording on your website, and you'll sell more of your software.

border Software Marketing Glossary
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News releases are a cost-effective way to market more software.
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The news release that you send to the English-language computer magazines and bloggers has to yell, "English is my first language."

The editors and bloggers won't do the work required to fix your grammar, spelling, sense, agreement, or vocabulary.

Hire a professional who will write a news release that the editors can use.

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