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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

border on this Glossary page, you'll find these words and phrases border

cross marketing, crowdsourcing, CSS - cascading style sheets, CTR - click through rate, customer, Customer-Driven Company


cross marketing

cross marketing - An agreement between two or more software developers to market each other's software.

This marketing is accomplished through link exchanges, discount coupons, bundles, suites, and all types of innovative techniques.



crowdsourcing - letting your users create content for you.

Crowdsourcing is a software marketing technique for gathering user-generated content and posting it on your website, blog, newsletter, or other content-intense vehicle.

Good crowdsourcing benefits from engagement. That means allowing comments on your blog, and responding to them. And it means creating an online forum to build a community of stakeholders who are interested in building a useful body of content.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets

CSS - cascading style sheets

CSS - cascading style sheets - An HTML feature that lets you put your web site's design information in a single place.

By specifying once the fonts, colors, and other style elements that you want to use on your website, you can ensure consistency from page to page, and minimize maintenance chores. Older browsers have difficulty with style sheets.


CTR stands for click through rate

CTR - click through rate

CTR - click through rate - A measurement of the responsiveness of Internet ads.

CTR is the percentage of people who respond to banner ads or hyperlinks by clicking on them.



customer - The software buyer.

Customers are the most important stakeholders in your software company. According to Philip Kotler, marketing is the science and art of finding, keeping, and growing profitable customers.

It's much easier to sell additional goods and services to existing customers than to find new customers. For software developers, that means selling your other applications to existing customers. It also means finding other developers' applications, and offering them on an affiliate basis to your customers. Upgrades are another source of selling to existing customers.


The Customer Driven Company by Richard Whiteley

Customer-Driven Company

"The Customer-Driven Company - Moving from Talk to Action" - A book by Richard C. Whiteley.

Whiteley believes that there are two types of companies: companies that consistently deliver excellent products and services, and companies that go out of business.

"Excellence" means excellence from your customers' perspective.

There's a full review of The Customer-Driven Company that first appeared in Al Harberg's Software Marketing Newsletter.

border Software Marketing Glossary
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