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Turn your software website into a sales machine.
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Wishing won't increase your software sales.

You won't change your income until you change the sales message on your website.

Fortunately, there's an affordable solution from the guy who created this Software Marketing Glossary.

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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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How to Write Like an Expert About Anything,
hype, hypertext links


How to Write Like an Expert About Anything by Hank Nuwer

How to Write Like an Expert About Anything

"How to Write like an Expert about Anything - Bring Factual Accuracy and the Voice of Authority to Your Writing" - a book by Hank Nuwer.

Most software publishers realize that they can boost their software marketing substantially by adding a large collection of on-topic articles to their websites. Build a library of how-to articles, whitepapers, and case studies, and the search engines will send more traffic to your site.

Still, it's hard for many mISVs to get themselves motivated to create such a large body of writing.

"How to Write like an Expert about Anything" can give you both the tools and the motivation to get the job done.

how to write about anything As a general rule, I love the books that Writer's Digest Books publishes. They don't pretend to be written by the world's foremost expert after spending years researching a topic. Rather, they're written by experienced professionals who have actually accomplished the tasks that they write about. There may be other ways of getting to the same goal. But when you pick up one of their books, you can be comfortable that the author knows what he or she is talking about, and that they have substantial real-world experience dealing with the topic at hand.

As somebody who loves to write about software marketing, I found the book to be on-target and very helpful. There are good insights, no matter how comfortable you are about your writing.

You'll learn how to craft well-structured, authoritative articles that will bring visitors to your site, and increase your software sales.


The HP Way helps software startup firms

The HP Way

"The HP Way - How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company" - a book by David Packard

"The HP Way" is the authors' name for the management style that they developed. The concept of "management by walking around" which Tom Peters talked a lot about in his early books is an idea that David Packard claims to have invented in the early days of HP.

Three of the principles that HP emphasized were (1) Hire the best people, (2) Motivate them, and (3) Work together as a team.

While these concepts are commonplace today, they were revolutionary notions in a time when big business was all wrapped up in its hierarchical management and control systems.

This book is a quick read. It offers a lot of insights into turning a small business into a larger one. Software development start-ups can use these ideas to grow their own businesses.

Visit the Glossary's Software Marketing Book Club page for more information about The HP Way.


hype or hyperbole lose software sales


hype - A description of your software that creates expectations that exceed your application's ability to deliver.

"Hype" is short for "hyperbole", which means exaggeration for effect.

No user would ever believe an exaggerated claim - not in a million years. Wait a minute - that's hyperbole. What I mean to say was that users might be inclined to place less credibility in exaggerated claims.

Truth is, if users read hype on your website, it taints your entire sales presentation.


hypertext links

hypertext links - Text links that send you from place to place on the Internet.

Well designed text ad copy, with appropriate hypertext links, can be much more effective advertising vehicles than banner ads.

Over the years, Internet users have trained themselves to ignore banner ads. Text links, however, still entice people to move their mouses.

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Press releases make your software stand out from the crowd.
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Your news release has to convince bloggers and editors that you have a unique application that can make their readers' lives more productive.

Your press release also has to sell your program's benefits to the publications' subscribers.

You have to accomplish these goals without sounding like you're delivering a sales pitch.

You need professional help from an experienced press release person.

Contact Al Harberg now.

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Free tips about writing newsletters, sales messages, PAD files, and press releases.
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