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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

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software marketing book club


Educational Software Cooperative book club

Software Marketing Book Club

Software Marketing Book Club - The monthly discussion by software developers of sales, marketing, and business books.

Starting in February of 2009, for 32 months, the Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) Software Marketing Book Club discussed a sales, marketing, or business book in detail.

Software Marketing for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

The goal of the book club is very similar to the goal of the Glossary that you're reading: To turn general marketing and sales principles into money-making ideas for software developers.

Even if you haven't had time to read the books that we discussed, you can still benefit from the 32 chapter summaries linked to this page. They're all about increasing your software sales.

The End of Marketing As We Know It by Sergio Zyman

Learn more about brand awareness, purchase intent, share of future purchases, dimensionalizing your software, and other marketing issues in this sample chapter from ESC's Book Club discussion.

Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill

Learn more about web page layout, software merchandising, and software marketing in the sample book club chapter.

Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens

Learn more about measurement of software sales, measuring success before you spend too much on software marketing, and the importance of good software marketing execution.

Educational Software Cooperative software marketing book club

Kotler On Marketing - How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets by Philip Kotler

Learn more about software marketing intelligence questions to ask, market intelligence and software sales, and information about your competitors in this sample write-up from the ESC's Software Marketing Book Club postings.

Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

Learn more about software marketing, how microISVs get software clients, and selling multi-user and site licenses.

The Invisible Touch - The Four Keys to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith

Learn more about market research, software marketing, anecdotes, focus groups, and software innovation in this sample posting from ESC's Book Club.

Words Fail Me - What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing by Patricia T. O'Conner

Learn more about how to write better software marketing messages, how to understand your target market, and the importance of organizing your thoughts.

Then We Set His Hair on Fire - Insights and Accidents from a Hall-of-Fame Career in Advertising by Phil Dusenberry

Learn more about software marketing, the parity economy, worn-out marketing words, and software product differentiation.

How to Become a Marketing Superstar - Unexpected Rules that Ring the Cash Register by Jeffrey J. Fox

Learn more about listening to your customers, software marketing, and lifetime customer value.

The Age Curve - How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm by Kenneth W. Gronbach

Learn more about software marketing and demographics, and demography and generation numbers in this interesting posting from ESC's Software Marketing Book Club.

ESC book club for software developers

How to Close Every Sale - Field-tested, can't-lose techniques to win lifetime customers - and make every sale stick! by Joe Girard

Learn more about overcoming sales resistance to software marketing, software buyers who don't like salespeople, and how to respect your prospects' time.

Brand Warfare - 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand by David F. D'Alessandro

Learn more about how software marketing can turn an application into a brand, making brand-building easier, and providing an identity for software marketers in this sample posting from the Book Club.

Purple Cow - Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

Learn more about software marketing and the need for remarkable software, purple cows and software, and me-too look-alike software.

How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life by Michael LeBoeuf

Learn more about software marketing starting with listening to customers, customers' resentment of indifference, the importance of software customer service, and turning customers into salespeople.

Negotiate This! by Caring, But Not That Much by Herb Cohen

Learn more about negotiation and software marketing, learn what your negotiating opponent is thinking, and moving your opponent from "no" to "yes" in this sample Book Club posting.

Guerrilla Marketing Excellence - The 50 Golden Rules for Small-Business Success by Jay Conrad Levinson

Learn more about how software marketing begins with defining your software market accurately, and asking customers for referrals.

EVEolution by Faith Popcorn

Learn more about how the differences between women and men affect software marketing, gender-based stereotypes, and Faith Popcorn's marketing axioms in this Book Club sample posting.

The New Positioning - The Latest on the World's #1 Business Strategy by Jack Trout

Learn more about software marketing in the overcommunicated society, software marketers' fondness for complexity and complication, moving your software sales message into long-term memory, and using press releases to present sales messages as news.

Don't Make Me Think - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug

Learn more about software marketing, web page breadcrumbs, web usability, and street signs as navigation aids.

What Were They Thinking? by Robert M. McMath and Thom Forbes

Learn more about software marketing and product failure, creating software marketing materials, and the importance of advertising in this sample write-up from ESC's bookclub.

How to Write like an Expert about Anything - Bring Factual Accuracy and the Voice of Authority to Your Writing by Hank Nuwer

Learn more about how software marketing requires writing articles, whitepapers, and case studies.

The HP Way - How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company by David Packard

Learn more about software marketing and choosing a company name, hands-on microISVs, going back to night school, and offering multiple software products in this ESC Book Club sample chapter write-up.

Ten Deadly Marketing Sins - Signs and Solutions by Philip Kotler

Learn more about why software marketing requires customer-driven companies, market-driven software developers, the importance of targeting to software marketing, and the need to estimates profits from market segments.

The Big Red Fez - How to make any web site better by Seth Godin

Learn more about why software marketing requires web designers to understand prospects, keeping prospects on our web pages, and making it easy for prospects to find a web page's prize in this sample chapter from ESC's Book Club.

Guts - The seven laws of business that made Chrysler the world's hottest car company by Robert A. Lutz

Learn more about what Chrysler versus Honda means to software marketing, relationships with stakeholders, and selling software in this sample bookclub chapter.

Never Wrestle with a Pig - and ninety other ideas to build your business and career by Mark H. McCormack

Learn more about software marketing, defining our humanity, taking control of priorities, and developing crossover skills.

The Creative Habit - Learn it and use it for life by Twyla Tharp

Learn more about software marketing, Twyla Tharp, and creativity for software developers.

Russell Rules - 11 Lessons on Leadership from the Twentieth Century's Greatest Winner by Bill Russell

Learn more about Bill Russell, winning, success, and software marketing in this sample chapter from the Educational Software Cooperative's Software Marketing Book Club.

That's Outside My Boat - Letting Go of What You Can't Control by Charlie Jones and Kim Doren

Learn more about Creativity, success, and software marketing in this chapter from the June, 2011 Educational Software Cooperative's Software Marketing Book Club.

Content Rules - How to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, webinars (and more) that engage customers and ignite your business by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

Learn all about search engine marketing, content and trust, content and credibility, and software marketing in this chapter from the July, 2011 Educational Software Cooperative's Software Marketing Book Club.

Children's Writer's Word Book - Everything you need to ensure your writing speaks to your young audience by Alijandra Mogilner

Learn more about children's vocabulary, software applications, spelling software, and software marketing in this overview of the August, 2011 Educational Software Cooperative's Software Marketing Book Club.

Differentiate or Die - Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition by Jack Trout

Learn more about unique selling propositions, software marketing, differentiation, and commodities in this sample chapter of this marketing powerhouse book, part of the Educational Software Cooperative's Software Marketing Book Club.

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