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Software Marketing Glossary
by Al Harberg, the press release guy from DP Directory

border on this Glossary page, you'll find these words and phrases border

splash page, sponsorship, spyware, stakeholders, stemming, strategy,
strategic partnership, strategic planning, subdomains


splash page

splash page - An unnecessary web page that acts as an introduction to your website.

Web surfers are not known for their patience. Forcing them to look at a Flash movie, or an introductory web page that doesn't present them with meaningful content, reduces sales. By contrast, routing pages may serve an important function on your website.



sponsorship - paying a trade show to associate your name with their event.

Software developers can increase their visibility with the software-buying public by sponsoring industry events. By giving money to a trade show or other software-related event, you can associate your company's or product's name with that event. And everybody wins.

So says David F. D'Alessandro, author of the book "Brand Warfare - 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand,"

"A well-chosen and well-managed sponsorship," D'Alessandro writes, "can move your brand forward more dramatically than almost any other marketing activity."

I've been a sponsor of the European Software Conference (ESWC) for eight years. Find industry events in your software niche to sponsor. Look for events in your vertical markets, too. It's good software marketing.



spyware - The pejorative term for "adware" that became popular when ad-supported software was in fashion.

Michael McNeal quotation on stakeholders Ad-supported software requires the application to contact a server and download the banner ads that it will display. Fears that these applications would capture and transmit private and sensitive information caused the buying public to reject adware as a software marketing model.



stakeholders - All of the people who are associated with your business, and who contribute to its success.

For a software publisher, stakeholders would include owners, employees, consultants, beta testers, colleagues, download sites, eCommerce companies, marketing consultants, and many others.

David D'Alessandro quotation on stakeholders To find an example of managing stakeholders badly, just look at the way the US automobile industry dealt with its employees, unions, suppliers, and regulators during the middle of the last century. As a result, the US industry lost a significant portion of the industry to countries where automobile executives had learned to play well with others.



stemming - The ability of a search engine to accept a keyword from a user, and search on that keyword as well as all of the variations of that keyword.

A good search engine will include the singular plural forms of nouns, different verb forms, and other variations of the base word's stem.

When choosing which web pages should appear on the search engine results page (SERP), some search engines combine related words. For example, if you search for "walks", a search engine might show you pages that contain "walks" as well as the stem of your search word - "walk" - and perhaps "walking".

Over the years, more search engines have become adept at handling stemming properly. To be safe, software developers should include all of the word combinations that your prospects are likely to type into the search engines. Including common misspellings is not the worst idea in the world, either.


James Donnelly Jr. quotation on strategy


strategy - Your software company's long-term vision.

Ensure that your strategy - your vision - guides your day-to-day actions.


strategic partnership

strategic partnership - An agreement between two or more companies to jointly market a product or group of products.

Look into relationships with all of your stakeholders. In the software development industry, that would include suppliers, eCommerce companies, bankers, businesses who target the same audience with non-competing products or services, and employees.

In his book "Guerrilla Marketing Excellence," Jay Conrad Levinson advises that when we're we're thinking about partnerships, "think profit, not marriage."

Cooperate with partners. Don't compete with them. Create a network of people who are helping you succeed.

If you build effective alliances, Levinson would suggest, it gives you a significant competitive edge over other software developers.


strategic planning

strategic planning - Determining the objectives that your company should pursue, and the actions that it should take in pursuit of those objectives.

By contrast, tactical planning deals with the day-to-day actions that your company takes to achieve its short term goals.



subdomains - From the search engines' perspectives, subdomains are completely different websites.

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